An Experience

May be this is what you call an experience, which lasts a lifetime. Today at Haridwar, I had one of the most amazing experience of the life. Its very unusual for me to feel what I felt because of my unclear and agnostic and confused thoughts on  the religion but spiritually I accept, it was surreal.

Sobharam | He takes care of the shoes out side one of the temple at Haridwar and gets one rupee for every pair of the shoe from the contractors who has appointed him and some tip from the visiting devotees. When I asked him is it sufficient to live on what he earns? He smiled and said “YES, you dont need much to live peaceful life. ”

Harki Pauri Ghat where Ganga aarti is being performed for time immemorial. And what a great thing to happen along. I am writing this as a gujarati, who went there with muslim tour manager, north Indian driver and punjabi fellow travellers. India connecting the dots.

Also had a brief discussion about India, hinduism and spirituality with the fellow senior citizen traveller Mr Sharma. His one remark about the aashrams in haridwar and black money and white marbles was very apt and well observed.

Somehing happened. Spiritually. I dont know what but something which gave instant peace of mind, the sense of calmness. The floating diyas carrying hopes and beliefs, the sanskrit chanting, the people, the sound of bells, the sight of long flames of aarti, the saadhu’s…… surreal.

Haridwar, India

8th June 2012


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