Alone in a crowd

दौड़ते शहेर का हिस्सा हु मै, हकीक़त में उलझा किस्सा हु मै |

य़ू आते जाते लम्हों में, भूली बिसरी यादों का हिस्सा हु मै |

हादसों के इस शहेर में, लम्हों का सिलसिला हु मै |

– Hitesh Patel

Clicked this picture at Fort (Mumbai) at very first outing with Mumbai Weekend Shoot (MWS) on 1st January 2012. The picture always reminds me of being alone in crowd and getting lost in my own world. 


16 thoughts on “Alone in a crowd

    1. Hitesh Post author

      Thanks Paula… Appreciate it.

      Basic translation and gist of what I wrote in Hindi is – “I am a part of chaotic city and a complicated story in real life, In these flashing moments, I am a part of forgotten memories.”

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