Just a hope.

‘Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
– Margaret Mitchell

There has always been confusion over “what to do ?” Accept whatever life has to offer or strive for things which you want !! Isn’t it a paradox that most of the human triumph are a result of not accepting things as they are and also, most of the sorrow’s suffered by humans comes from the fact that we don’t accept things as they are.

The dilemma remains while hope keeps driving us.


8 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Madhu

    Depends on what you mean by ‘accepting things as they are’. I for one have never been a believer in passive acceptance of whatever life doles out, of my ‘Karma’ if you will. I truly believe we are given choices, to be made wisely. And when we make mistakes, to redeem ourselves. Nothing wrong in having dreams and working towards them, even if it seems impossible. There would be no development nor any new invention, if everyone sat around accepting what they have. Just my two penny bit 🙂

    1. Hitesh Patel Post author

      Agree with you hands down. I am also believer in the fact that you gotta have dreams and should work towards achieving them. That journey is what makes your life.
      This confusion is the prevalent norm in our society, and I have seen and observed this while meeting people and places. Just wanted to explore that thought.

      Thanks for sharing your views Madhu 🙂


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