Bombay Diaries – Vasai Fishermen Colony

Clicked at by-lanes of Vasai Fort, walking through fishers men’s colony, leading to the beach. Some one has painted a direction for the way to beach as there are many by-lanes around that area which all ultimately leads to the beach.

Fishing boat lying idle at beach.

This area is mostly inhibited by fishermen as most of them are engaged in the fishing business and so these sight of drying fish outside their home os very common.

Son of fisherman playing outside his home.





18 thoughts on “Bombay Diaries – Vasai Fishermen Colony

  1. AshaS

    Dear Hitesh,
    Some brilliant photography there. Loved all the pictures. Pictures speak more than words and here they stand true! Keep them coming! 🙂

    1. Hitesh Patel Post author

      Thank you Aneta for dropping by on the blog and commenting.
      Photography is a great medium of communication and it also helps you look at the world through other’s eyes 🙂

  2. Paula

    Hi Hitesh 🙂 I have never doubted that fishermen villages are picturesque, but you made it look even more so… My favourites are the photo of a boat and the close-up of fish hanging on the stick is just priceless :D. Love all of them!

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