Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

For this week’s photo challenge, I am posting some of the picture from street photography and photo walks from Mumbai. It mostly portrays the life of urban poor, daily wage earners and life in general on streets.

Worker at ship breaking site. Darukhana, Mumbai.


Clicked this somewhere outside the raey road station in mumbai. A cobbler sitting at his self made road side shop. I find this picture fascinating simply because the kind of look I see on the face of this man. As if he has strange sense of calmness in his being and about what he does, but looking at his eyes I found some contradiction and it seem to carry myriad questions about life and survival in the city of mumbai.


Home Bound | Young boy returning home.


Fish Vendor, Raey Road, Mumbai.


Worker at the casting factory at Raey Road, Mumbai.


After hard days work.


This is a common sight in Mumbai where you will find these young kids running tea stalls on a footpath or in a some corner of a busy junction. They run tea stall along with supporting home and not to forget the studies at night school. So much for that age !!!


No matter who you are, need to communicate is universal. | Worker outside his factory, busy on the call.


49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    1. Hitesh Patel Post author

      Thank you.

      I actually did not wanted to give away gloomy picture through this post, just wanted to portray a normal day to day life of some people. But now when I look at this, it does give some negativity and gloominess through pictures.

  1. soumyav

    The casual moments of life,
    people engrossed in everyday’s strife,
    for living and the survival,
    every being struggles on!
    lone human on the road ,
    carries a dream in his soul,
    to earn few notes …
    for igniting the wood …for his anguished heart…

      1. Paula

        I don’t know if it means anything to you, but I’ve added a link to this post in my widget area under “posts worth checking out” :). I liked it very much and thought it would be good for others to see it. I am not sure at what extent people pay attention to side widgets and links though…

        1. Hitesh Patel Post author

          I just saw that widget. Of course it means so much, the fact that people appreciate what you do is a great complement in itself and you thought worth sharing it on your blog means a lot.

          Thank you so much for this kind gesture.

            1. Hitesh Patel Post author

              🙂 BTW how does it work? I mean how often do you change posts under this widget? I like this concept of engaging with your blog readers and sharing other interesting stuff in blogosphere.

              1. Paula

                This is not a feature I had added, like the posts I like which automatically features last posts someone clicked on or commented on… this is entirely my feature – the one I added where I thoughtfully select posts I want to draw attention to. So the rhythm of change and what you will show is all up to. I have had some for two weeks or so, some are still there, some were replaced by new ones 🙂

  2. island traveler

    Thanks for sharing these images. Images that are real and tells the story of people who have to go through a hard life everday. A lot of times, we are all so engrossed with our own life that we fail to “really” see those who barely have anything. Great shots. Reminds of life in the Philippines.

    1. Hitesh Patel Post author

      Thank you very much.

      It little bit odd initially but you learn to adjust with that after a point. And about the people, its up to the photographer not to intrude in their routine and daily chores in a way that they become uneasy.

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