Inspiration !!

What inspires you to blog? This is the question asked in the wordpress photo challenge, Inspiration.

Photography of course, along with exploring new places, getting lost in thoughts watching sunset. Here it is… collection of some of the images accumulated over time, all taken at different places at different time.

17 thoughts on “Inspiration !!

  1. laura@eljaygee

    your images always inspire – great range of self portrait captures – especially like the window reflection in your random click at Mumbai mall

  2. petspeopleandlife

    Very nice. You moved around that day or days quite a lot. You have so much to inspire you in your fascinating country.

    What inspires me to blog? I do no have a definite answer except that it sort of keeps my old brain thinking about how to write, spell, and put together a post that I think might of interest to people that like animals and nature. My blog actually occupies quite a bit of my time when I really “work at it.”.

    Keep up the nice work.

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