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Kutch Diaries 2014 !


2012 in Pictures (Review)

It has been a extremely fulfilling year as far as photography is concerned. 2012 was the year I started looking at photography as a serious hobby and took the time out from my busy schedule and routine professional life to devote to this.

The year started with my first appearance for the MWS on the very first day of the year – 1st January 2012. It has been a wonderful journey on some these MWS outing, where I got to learn a lot from fellow photographers and came to know some wonderful people. Some of the street shoot have broaden the perspective of looking at the subject, how do you interpret them and how do you present them.

My posts like Solitary, Organised Chaos, Everyday Life, Bombay Diaries, Alone in a crowd, An evening on beach etc are example of such street shoots.

In June 2012, I had a wonderful time shooting some of the best places North Indian has to offer to travelers and photographers alike. Here are some of them : Mussoorie – the queen of hills, Haridwar – An experience, Free spirit, Jim Corbett – Travelogue.

Some of my favs from 2012 are : Speed thrills, Inspiration, In search of answers, Near and far, India, Hiding my treasureSunset, Maximum city, Life is a journey, Saara Aakash and nirvanatrails.

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Inspiration !!

What inspires you to blog? This is the question asked in the wordpress photo challenge, Inspiration.

Photography of course, along with exploring new places, getting lost in thoughts watching sunset. Here it is… collection of some of the images accumulated over time, all taken at different places at different time.

Speed thrills !!

The other day at the photowalk, I was trying my hand at Panning technique after a brief explanation from my friend. I was trying this with no expectations whatsoever as it was the first time. To be honest this can be vary painful and will test your patience level as you will end up taking 50 photographs but not a single worth looking. Considering that I fact, I thought I was lucky in the end with couple of shots which is worth looking at.

The best place to try this is on a street where you have a moving traffic which will give you enough of subjects to shoot.

Panning is a technique in photography that is used to capture a moving object in action.The subject of the photo is clearly caught on camera; however, the rest remains a blur in the background. Panning suggests speed and velocity to an image.

In search of answers !!!

मुजमे एक आवाझ है ऐसि,
सांसे बेखबर, खबर रुह (soul) को जिस्की |

भीद मे इस तन्हाइ के सबब (reason) क्या है?

बूंदो कि इस प्यास के अतित (history) क्या है?

अतुट है जब पर्छाइ (shadow) तो रात के अंदाझ क्या है?

झिंदगि है जुआ (gambling) तो हार के मलाल (regret) क्या है?

– Hitesh Patel