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What does it mean to be living in a free country? Free to chose religion, faith, livelihood. Right to equal opportunities and justice. And in a way its relatively a subjective discussion. When a country is celebrating 65th independence day, it must have seen lot many ups and downs and along the way you expect it to be mature nation, specially when it represents 1/6th of humanity.

In last 65 years we have been through a lot. Wars, fiscal problems, ethnic riots, political crisis etc. Almost everything which a country can face. Even if you are a cynic, you have to agree that we managed these things and came out everytime we were pushed to the wall. It is also true that that all is not good and its a long way to go. Lest we forget its you and me who make this nation. Lets make an attempt, not for a day or two but times to come. Lets try and leave behind a nation better than we got.

Happy Independence Day


Mumbai – Maximum City

A city like Bombay, like New York, that is a recent creation on the planet and does not have a substantial indigenous population, is full of restless people. Those who have come here have not been at ease somewhere else. And unlike others who may have been equally uncomfortable wherever they came from, these people got up and moved. As I have discovered, having once moved, it is difficult to stop moving. – Suketu Mehta