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Smiling against odds !


This little girl – daughter of Balloon vendor on Carter road, Bandra radiates with beautiful smile against all odds. Everytime I look at this picture I am reminded of wonderful song by Eagles for I don’t know why !!

I was standing all alone against the world outside. You were searching for a place to hide. Lost and lonely, now you’ve given me the will to survive. When we’re hungry, Love will keep us alive.


Life is a journey

from contemplation to action.
from action to experience.
from experience to realization.
from realization to maturity.
from dreams to reality.
from karma to destiny.
from conscious to subconscious.
from body to soul.
from illusion to awakening.
from seeking to sharing.
from passion to obsession.
from serendipity to relationships.
from ‘here & now’ to nostalgia.
from beginning to THE END…

…and life is beautiful and easy when you have someone to hold your hand and guide you.

Of dreams and reality

He has dreams, but before that he has stomach to feed.

This is a common sight in Mumbai where you will find these young kids running tea stalls on a footpath or in a some corner of a busy junction. They run tea stall along with supporting home and not to forget the studies at night school. So much for that age !!!

Kankhet – An experience

During the visit to Jim Corbett National Park we got an opportunity to stay at one of the most beautiful location inside the Kumeria forest reserve “The Den”. The place is located on the banks of Kosi river which runs through the national park. On the other side of the river there is a small village called “Kankhet”. One of the most beautiful village I have ever seen with around 100 families making the most of the village.

It was my idea to visit the village once we got to know about it from the resort management and then our fellow traveler Mr Sharma with “18 till I die” attitude suggested, we go and visit some random family and ask for a cup of tea. Not a bad idea at all. It was almost dusk when we reached there so could not click many pictures but the experience was unforgettable.

Young boy at the banks of the river Kosi who was accompanying his father who came to get some water for household work. I tried speaking to him but he was not in a mood to entertain.

Some of the boys who are watching Haryana Ranaji cricket team practicing | Haryana cricket association conducts cricket camp every year at this place for its Ranaji team. They also provide cricket gears and some basic training to these boys as a goodwill gesture who regularly come to watch the cricketers.

Locked door at some random house at the village.

The home we visited at the village.

Nirmala and Anil. We visited their home and had a wonderful tea made by their mother. I liked the spirit of Nirmala, the way she spoke and the amount of knowledge she had. I always believed that children from town are relatively smart than children from rural areas for obvious reasons. This girl proved me wrong. She is updated about latest movies, music, Indian cricket team, about Delhi and “Bombay” and many more things…..

Anil. So much innocence and hope in the eyes of this little child.

Nirmala and Anils’s elder sister, getting water from the river for household works.

Page from Anil’s workbook.

One of the most beautiful sunset I have seen. Kankhet at dusk.

Hide & Seek

Mussoorie | After many hide and seek moments I finally managed to click this picture. Her parents were shopping in the next shop and this little brat managed to escape from their eyes smartly, only to discover me with camera.

Of dreams and hopes

जो लहरों से आगे नज़र देख पाती तो तुम जान लेते मै क्या सोचता हु |
वो आवाज़ तुमको भी भेद जाती तो तुम जान लेते मै क्या सोचता हु |
जिद्द का तुम्हारे पर्दा सरकता तो खिडकियों के आगे भी तुम देख पाते |
आँखों से आदतों की जो पलके हटाते तो तुम जान लेते मै क्या सोचता हु |


– –

Clicked this portrait at small hamlet called Kankhet on the banks of river Kosi at Jim Corbett National Park. Had the opportunity to click around the beautiful village and talk to the people there. So much innocence and hope in the eyes of this little child. I asked invariably what you want to become once you grow up? He said “cricketer”. I know he may not be mature enough to decide what it is to be like a cricketer or for that matter what it is to be like anything. But I wonder even when he will be in a position to decide what he wants to do with his life, will people, his family, the society in which he lives will allow him to become what he wants? Specially when you are from such a small place? He will be burdened by the expectations, dogma’s of society !!

A dream and hope will be killed.

We all talk about how we don’t produce Nobel laureates, Olympic winning athletes, world class scientists etc but have we ever realized that its because of “us” we don’t get all these?