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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Posting photos for the weekly photo challenge theme Happy. I know its little late but better late than never.

For last couple of weekends I have been travelling around Lonavala (near Mumbai) and western ghats region for personal work. I have always loved road journeys and never miss out on enjoying any road trip. The climate in the areas which I just mentioned around this time is absolutely beautiful as the monsoon is preparing to shut the shop for the season. The drive in the monsoon around these areas is absolute delight for person like me. The natural beauty and local people you meet around here will fill your heart with joy.

Posting some of the clicks from last couple of weeks travelling.

P.S. Barring couple of photographs, all are taken from my cell phone camera.



Just a hope.

‘Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
– Margaret Mitchell

There has always been confusion over “what to do ?” Accept whatever life has to offer or strive for things which you want !! Isn’t it a paradox that most of the human triumph are a result of not accepting things as they are and also, most of the sorrow’s suffered by humans comes from the fact that we don’t accept things as they are.

The dilemma remains while hope keeps driving us.