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Smiling against odds !


This little girl – daughter of Balloon vendor on Carter road, Bandra radiates with beautiful smile against all odds. Everytime I look at this picture I am reminded of wonderful song by Eagles for I don’t know why !!

I was standing all alone against the world outside. You were searching for a place to hide. Lost and lonely, now you’ve given me the will to survive. When we’re hungry, Love will keep us alive.


Of dreams and hopes

जो लहरों से आगे नज़र देख पाती तो तुम जान लेते मै क्या सोचता हु |
वो आवाज़ तुमको भी भेद जाती तो तुम जान लेते मै क्या सोचता हु |
जिद्द का तुम्हारे पर्दा सरकता तो खिडकियों के आगे भी तुम देख पाते |
आँखों से आदतों की जो पलके हटाते तो तुम जान लेते मै क्या सोचता हु |


– –

Clicked this portrait at small hamlet called Kankhet on the banks of river Kosi at Jim Corbett National Park. Had the opportunity to click around the beautiful village and talk to the people there. So much innocence and hope in the eyes of this little child. I asked invariably what you want to become once you grow up? He said “cricketer”. I know he may not be mature enough to decide what it is to be like a cricketer or for that matter what it is to be like anything. But I wonder even when he will be in a position to decide what he wants to do with his life, will people, his family, the society in which he lives will allow him to become what he wants? Specially when you are from such a small place? He will be burdened by the expectations, dogma’s of society !!

A dream and hope will be killed.

We all talk about how we don’t produce Nobel laureates, Olympic winning athletes, world class scientists etc but have we ever realized that its because of “us” we don’t get all these?