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The Night. Without the Dark !!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

This weeks photo challenge in wordpress is Foreign. I am taking a little liberty this time in my interpretation of the same and posting a photo which is little different than what I post regularly here. I have edited the image in Picasa, I was not really sure what I wanted to do with this photograph but in the end after some wild experiments, I ended up with the photograph which looks like this.

I like this picture for its unusual tone and different feel, which is more like a painting. Also, posting here few lines from my friend which I think suits this picture…

फलक ने की थी अदा परवाज़ जिनको,
वोह आशियाँ की चाहत में कर चलें अपने परों का सौदा |

– Rama Singh

Organised Chaos

I always think of cities as organised chaos and being born and brought up in one of the Asian metropolis, I have seen and experienced this chaos which runs deep even inside of people living in these cities.

Somehow, the melange of emotions, people and serendipity keeps this chaos alive. The story continues, the city keeps breathing and organised chaos lives on.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Its all about perspective.

My entry for the weekly challenge : Near and Far 

Alone in a crowd

दौड़ते शहेर का हिस्सा हु मै, हकीक़त में उलझा किस्सा हु मै |

य़ू आते जाते लम्हों में, भूली बिसरी यादों का हिस्सा हु मै |

हादसों के इस शहेर में, लम्हों का सिलसिला हु मै |

– Hitesh Patel

Clicked this picture at Fort (Mumbai) at very first outing with Mumbai Weekend Shoot (MWS) on 1st January 2012. The picture always reminds me of being alone in crowd and getting lost in my own world. 

What is Time ?


What is time? What is it? Why is it running constantly?
Where was it, when I was passing? It must be somewhere.
If it has already passed, where is it now?
Where it came from, where did it go?

English translation of few lines from Javed Akhtar’s famous poem “Time”. Just an attempt.