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In search of answers !!!

मुजमे एक आवाझ है ऐसि,
सांसे बेखबर, खबर रुह (soul) को जिस्की |

भीद मे इस तन्हाइ के सबब (reason) क्या है?

बूंदो कि इस प्यास के अतित (history) क्या है?

अतुट है जब पर्छाइ (shadow) तो रात के अंदाझ क्या है?

झिंदगि है जुआ (gambling) तो हार के मलाल (regret) क्या है?

– Hitesh Patel



Just a hope.

‘Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
– Margaret Mitchell

There has always been confusion over “what to do ?” Accept whatever life has to offer or strive for things which you want !! Isn’t it a paradox that most of the human triumph are a result of not accepting things as they are and also, most of the sorrow’s suffered by humans comes from the fact that we don’t accept things as they are.

The dilemma remains while hope keeps driving us.


I like to think that we are lost since birth and what we call life, is actually the search that happens while we exist. Some get it some don’t. And whatever we are doing and the experiences that we go through, invariably leads to the discovery of lot of questions and their answers, many of which are existential. This life leads us from unknown to known.

I am lost and I am searching. Hoping to get there some day, sooner or later.