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Saara Aakash !!


The flying formation of the birds can be very interesting observation point for the bird enthusiast. Though I am not much into this, its wonderful to observe these patterns. Its quite interesting why birds fly in a particular formation and that too in particular V formation.

Lot of study has gone into it and the most  accepted reasoning is that it has to do with the aerodynamics which allows these birds to conserve energy whereas some believe that it simply allows birds to follow each other more easily.


Lonely evenings !!

Sometimes that one thought, that one lost moment turned into memory, that one fading image in the mind, that one last wish, that one unanswered question can make your evenings lonely like this moon.

Kankhet – An experience

During the visit to Jim Corbett National Park we got an opportunity to stay at one of the most beautiful location inside the Kumeria forest reserve “The Den”. The place is located on the banks of Kosi river which runs through the national park. On the other side of the river there is a small village called “Kankhet”. One of the most beautiful village I have ever seen with around 100 families making the most of the village.

It was my idea to visit the village once we got to know about it from the resort management and then our fellow traveler Mr Sharma with “18 till I die” attitude suggested, we go and visit some random family and ask for a cup of tea. Not a bad idea at all. It was almost dusk when we reached there so could not click many pictures but the experience was unforgettable.

Young boy at the banks of the river Kosi who was accompanying his father who came to get some water for household work. I tried speaking to him but he was not in a mood to entertain.

Some of the boys who are watching Haryana Ranaji cricket team practicing | Haryana cricket association conducts cricket camp every year at this place for its Ranaji team. They also provide cricket gears and some basic training to these boys as a goodwill gesture who regularly come to watch the cricketers.

Locked door at some random house at the village.

The home we visited at the village.

Nirmala and Anil. We visited their home and had a wonderful tea made by their mother. I liked the spirit of Nirmala, the way she spoke and the amount of knowledge she had. I always believed that children from town are relatively smart than children from rural areas for obvious reasons. This girl proved me wrong. She is updated about latest movies, music, Indian cricket team, about Delhi and “Bombay” and many more things…..

Anil. So much innocence and hope in the eyes of this little child.

Nirmala and Anils’s elder sister, getting water from the river for household works.

Page from Anil’s workbook.

One of the most beautiful sunset I have seen. Kankhet at dusk.


I like to think that we are lost since birth and what we call life, is actually the search that happens while we exist. Some get it some don’t. And whatever we are doing and the experiences that we go through, invariably leads to the discovery of lot of questions and their answers, many of which are existential. This life leads us from unknown to known.

I am lost and I am searching. Hoping to get there some day, sooner or later.

An evening on beach

The city of Mumbai has been blessed with some beautiful beaches which are unfortunately not maintained properly by the authorities. However one exception is the Gorai beach which is relatively clean, may be because its less frequented by the people. On one beautiful evening I got an opportunity to explore the beach with my camera. Here are some of the clicks. 

The Gang of Gorai | These are boys from gorai fishermen colony who plays cricket on gorai beach on sundays. They like to call themselves Super Warriors and has almost 16 member team with Shane Kenneth as their captain (boy in yellow T with bat).

The sister act | Elder sister guiding her younger sister | This picture speaks a thousand words.

The boy with the cycle heading home at dusk.

The member of the super warrior. Batsman, witty, smart and talented.

Mumbai – Maximum City

A city like Bombay, like New York, that is a recent creation on the planet and does not have a substantial indigenous population, is full of restless people. Those who have come here have not been at ease somewhere else. And unlike others who may have been equally uncomfortable wherever they came from, these people got up and moved. As I have discovered, having once moved, it is difficult to stop moving. – Suketu Mehta